Xizhi district of New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 40-year-old Indonesian woman who left home after a heated argument with her Taiwanese husband apparently jumped to her death from a residential building in New Taipei City on New Year’s Eve.

At 6:10pm on Monday, the woman was found lying on the sixth-floor atrium of a building that was still under construction in the victim’s neighborhood in Xizhi district, the Taiwan Apple Daily reported.

She was pronounced dead by officials and paramedics at the scene. Preliminary investigation indicated that the victim had fallen from the 35th floor of the building.

She was a permanent resident who had been married to a Taiwanese man for years, according to her identification documents.

Some time before the incident the woman had a very heated dispute with her husband and left home for a brief chat with an acquaintance. The acquaintance told the police that she told him about the argument, and they went their separate ways shortly afterward.

The New Taipei Police listed it as a suspected suicide; however, no suicide note was recovered from the woman’s home or at the scene.