Sharjah, UAE. Photo: iStock

A human trafficking investigation conducted by authorities in the United Arab Emirates has found an Indonesian woman guilty of human trafficking and sentenced her to life in jail.

Police in the city of Sharjah conducted a sting operation that revealed a domestic worker from Indonesia had been sold by another Indonesian woman for 1,000 Dirhams (US$272), The National reported. A Bangladeshi man then bought the victim.

The victim reportedly worked in Dubai as a domestic worker before she left her job and was forced into prostitution in Sharjah.

A court sentenced the Indonesian defendant to life in jail for human trafficking. The Bangladeshi man was jailed for six years on the charges of rape, assault, human trafficking, confinement and forcing prostitution. However this sentence was reduced to four years on appeal.

An Egyptian man was also accused of forcing the domestic worker to have sex with him. He was initially jailed for three years in August but then had his sentence overturned at the court of appeal.

The Indonesian defendant who initiated the plot failed in her attempt to have her sentence reduced on appeal.

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