Indonesians watch as the huge crocodile is hauled away last Friday. It was later found to have eaten the woman. Photo: YouTube.

An Indonesian scientist was reportedly eaten after a dramatic accident while feeding a crocodile at a research facility in north Sulawesi Island last week.

Deasy Tuwo, 44, was throwing meat into the crocodile pool at the research center when she was reportedly pulled into the water by the 17-feet-long crocodile last Friday morning, the Daily Mail reported.

The huge crocodile, named Merry, was later discovered with Tuwo’s remains in its jaws.

The crocodile is known to have attacked other crocodiles in the past but workers at the facility were reportedly not concerned about whether it would attack humans. Merry had reportedly been fed fresh chicken meat every day.

When rescue workers tried to recover Tuwo’s remains, the crocodile brutally tossed it around every time they tried to retrieve her body. The crocodile was later captured and taken for medical tests, where it was confirmed that the woman had been eaten by the large reptile.

Tuwo was the lead scientist at the research facility, where her peers described her as a ‘quiet person’ who had a love for animals.

Authorities are looking for the crocodile’s owner, who is believed to be a Japanese businessman.

Police officers say the owner must acknowledge the fatal incident. It was also reported that the owner would be detained if a permit for owning such an expensive aquatic animal was not produced.

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