Banqiao, New Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: iStock

An Indonesian migrant worker was rescued by the authorities in Taiwan after an unscheduled visit by inspectors established that she had allegedly been ill-treated and beaten by her employer.

The Indonesian woman was said to have been restricted from leaving her employer’s house in Banqiao District, New Taipei City for months, Central News Agency reported. An investigation conducted by the Labor Affairs Department found that the employer, known by the surname Lin, withheld her salary for months by claiming “subpar performance” from his employee.

The domestic worker was also slapped in the face and was given only kitchen leftovers for meals.

On January 11, an inspector from the Labor Affairs Department made a surprise visit to the house after the worker called and complained about the situation. The inspector saw the worker’s condition and tried to take her away to a shelter, but was blocked from doing so by the employer for about two hours until police arrived.

The employer then retaliated by complaining about the lack of manners showed by the inspector and also accused the inspector of entering the premises without permission.

The New Taipei City government has only 41 inspectors in charge of overseeing about 100,00 migrant workers, creating an overwhelmingly heavy workload for inspectors.

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