Yunlin District Prosecutors Office, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An Indonesian woman in Yunlin, western Taiwan, a naturalized  permanent resident of the island, has been charged with being an unlicensed employment agent and offering illegal remittance services to compatriots.

The suspect, who now carries the Chinese surname Li, married a Taiwanese man more than 20 years ago and became a permanent resident later, the China Daily News reported.

According to the Yulin branch of the National Immigration Agency, Li opened an Indonesian grocery store as a front for her employment referral business, targeting illegal Indonesian migrants who had run away from their previous employers in Taiwan.

The woman, who was unlicensed, also allegedly recruited people from her home country to work in Taiwan.

Preliminary investigation indicated that the woman had also offered these illegal workers remittance services for the past seven years. Evidence suggested that she had handled more than NT$9 million (US$291,400) in the past six months alone.

For each transaction, Li allegedly charged the applicant between NT$150 and NT$750.

She has been charged with forgery and violating the Employment Services Act and the Banking Act, and has been referred to Yunlin District Prosecutors Office for further investigation. She was released on NT$100,000 bail.

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