Tainan City Government Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
Tainan City Government Hall, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Three dengue fever cases involving two Taiwanese businessmen who had recently visited Vietnam and a Filipino migrant worker who had returned home during a holiday have been confirmed in Tainan, southwestern Taiwan.

They bring to 25 the total number of cases of the disease being imported to the city in 2018.

According to a media statement by the Tainan City Government’s dengue fever prevention and control center, the two Taiwanese men who lived in different districts of Tainan were entrepreneurs who traveled frequently to Vietnam.

One of the businessmen returned to Taiwan only after the disease’s period of communicability. He reported his case to his family doctor, who passed on the information to the city government.

The other victim returned to the city on December 26 and, as he was unwell, consulted a doctor on December 30. He was confirmed as having dengue fever on January 5 after visiting a hospital on January 4.

Both the patients’ residences were sterilized and given mosquito prevention measures by January 6.

The Filipino worker, who lived and worked in Yantian, An’Nan District also returned to Taiwan on December 26 and reported having a fever on December 31. On January 3, he was screened and preliminary results tested positive for dengue fever at one of the city’s inspection stations.

By January 4, he was confirmed with the disease and his home and workplace were treated by the authorities on January 5.

Since the dates of onset for the three cases were in December last year, they were counted in the city’s 2018 statistics, bringing the total number of imported dengue fever cases to 25.