A wild pig searches food at a BBQ site in Aberdeen Country Park on Hong Kong Island. Photo: YouTube/Marco Lee

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is considering re-launching the humane killing of wild pigs if they were found to be aggressive and attacked people.

Leung Siu-Fai, the director of the AFCD, told a district council meeting in Tai Po that the department had been trying to strike a balance between animal protection and public safety. However, he admitted that the department was too understaffed to carry out the pilot capture and contraception program, Oriental Daily reported.

According to the AFCD’s figures, there were 679 reports of wild pig sighting from January to October 2018 with five involving injuries to members of the public.

During the period, Hong Kong Island recorded 354 cases, more than the 324 cases recorded in the whole of 2017. Southern District recorded most of the cases with 173.

In the New Territories, there were 294 wild pig sighting or nuisance cases recorded.

The department launched a Pilot Capture and Contraception/Relocation Programme in February last year which was said to be more efficient than the hunting operation. But the department disclosed it had only rendered contraceptive/sterilization treatment to 54 wild pigs.

The department reminded the public not to feed wild pigs as that would change their eating habits, leading them to wander around residential areas looking for food.

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