Tai Po Police Station. Photo: Google Maps
Tai Po Police Station. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino domestic worker who claims her employer molested her while they were home alone in Fanling, Hong Kong now awaits news on whether the police will bring charges against the man.

The 25-year-old domestic worker, identified only as Lyn, said that as her female employer was going to return home late on December 30, she was home alone with her male employer in an apartment in Fanling, sunwebhk.com reported.

Lyn said she was working in the kitchen when her male employer entered and asked if she was feeling cold. The employer suddenly hugged her from behind and groped her chest while trying to pull down her jogging pants.

The domestic worker managed to get free of her employer’s grip and ran to her room. She first contacted friends, who advised her to immediately call the police.

The police arrived at the apartment at 9pm and spoke to Lyn and the employer for two hours. The police then took Lyn to Tai Po police station while the employer stayed behind for further questioning.

Lyn said her older sister, who also works in Hong Kong, came to the station at 10am the next day and picked her up and brought her to a shelter. The domestic worker said she does not know what happened to her employer and it is not known whether he was arrested.

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