Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, where witchcraft is illegal. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker was almost jailed last week for allegedly performing witchcraft against her employer in Saudi Arabia. Her employer accused the 23-year-old domestic worker of practicing witchcraft, which is a serious offense in Saudi Arabia, The Filipino Times reported.

According to Germie Daytoc, assistant labor attache at the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia, an amulet, a cross and a piece of paper with the employer’s name written on it was found in Gina’s belongings.

Daytoc said bringing such items to Saudi Arabia was illegal. The domestic worker denied the allegations against her and claimed she did not mean any harm nor did she intend to do any witchcraft by bringing the items with her.

She was almost jailed and authorities almost suspended her employment agency’s operations. However, the Filipina was ordered to pay 50,000 Saudi riyals (US$13,333).

She is now under the custody of the Philippine Embassy. It was not clear if she would be allowed to return to the Philippines.