Yuen Long in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps
Yuen Long in the New Territories. Photo: Google Maps

A 24-year-old Hong Kong woman was sent to hospital after being hit by a taxi while she was talking on her phone in Yung Long in the New Territories on Sunday night.

At 10 pm, while the woman was crossing Hung Shui Kiu Tin Sum Road in Yuen Long, she was not aware a green taxi was approaching because she was said using the phone, Apple Daily reported.

A 63-year-old taxi driver, who was coming along the road with a female passenger, failed to stop in time and hit the woman. The woman was sent flying through the air and landed two meters from the car. She was seriously injured and unconscious.

Paramedics arrived and sent her to the Tune Mun Hospital for treatment. She regained consciousness after resuscitation.

The driver was unhurt, but the female passenger sitting at the back seat felt unwell and was taken to hospital. Police were investigating the cause of the accident.

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