A casino in Macau. Photo: Weibo
A casino in Macau. Photo: Weibo

A Vietnamese masseuse who was addicted to gambling stole US$4,500 from her roommate earlier this month and lost it all in casinos in Macau. She is now in police custody.

The arrested 27-year-old was employed at a massage parlor as a foreign worker in the city, while her roommate who lost her year’s savings was a domestic worker. The Vietnamese woman was accused of stealing her roommate’s money on December 24 when the woman was not home.

The masseuse, mindful of being discovered, decided to take US$4,500 from the US$6,650 she found in her roommate’s purse. She hoped the woman would not discover the theft, according to Jornal Do Cidadao, a local newspaper.

The masseuse, a gambler, reportedly converted the money into 32,000 Macau Patacas at an exchange store in the city’s Taipa district on the same day before losing the lot in casinos.

Meanwhile, the domestic worker did not discover her loss until three days later and called the police last Thursday. The Vietnamese masseuse admitted the theft during police questioning and will face prosecution.