Wang’an Precinct of the Penghu County Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

Two Vietnamese men were arrested as illegal migrants as one of them was seeking treatment at a Taiwan hospital after being injured in a motorcycle accident.

The patient had crashed his bike on a coastal roadway in Wang’an, Penghu county, suffering multiple injuries to his head, chest and arms with severe bleeding, the Taiwan Times reported.

Officers from the Wang’an Precinct of the Penghu County Police Bureau sent him in an unconscious state to hospital, accompanied by a friend, also Vietnamese.

At the hospital, police officers noticed the friend acting suspiciously, prompting them to check out both men’s identities. The friend admitted that they were formerly legal migrant workers registered in Changhua county but had run away from their original employers as the working hours were too long but their salaries were too little.

To make a living, they took a ferry to Penghu and did part-time jobs.

The National Immigration Agency has taken over the case.