Authorities quickly retrieved the torpedo from civilian hands. Photo: YouTube

It was the big one that didn’t get away. A fisherman in Vietnam has netted a torpedo belonging to the Chinese military. His surprise catch was made off Vietnam’s coast and authorities have taken the torpedo away to examine it.

On December 18, fisherman Tran Minh Thanh netted the torpedo about four nautical miles off the shores of An Hai commune in Tuy An, Phu Yen, Vietnam Plus reported.

Officers and soldiers from the An Hai border guard were sent to deal with the situation. The size, shape and markings of the 6.8-meter torpedo revealed it was a Yu-6 type belonging to the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

It was suspected the torpedo may have been fired during a military exercise in the South China Sea. Now in the Vietnamese government’s possession, the torpedo was expected to be examined for intelligence.

The discovery of the torpedo may provide Vietnamese authorities with insights into China’s naval tactics and weapons. Little is known about the Yu-6 torpedo.

The South China Sea is a heavily disputed region and some were not surprised at the fisherman’s find.

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