Wangan Precinct of Penghu County Police Bureau, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A total of 12 Vietnamese men and women, nine of them illegal migrant workers, were arrested for allegedly taking illicit substances at a shrimp farm in Penghu in the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday afternoon.

Acting on citizens’ complaints, the Penghu County Police Bureau identified an illegal Vietnamese migrant who was often seen visiting a shrimp farm in Gongshan district for KTV entertainment services which were provided in the suite rooms, the Taiwan Times reported.

On December 11, Nguyen and his friends visited the farm to ‘sing karaoke’ again and police were outside their room and smelled ketamine emissions.

Officers raided the room and found eight men and four women, all Vietnamese, who all denied taking drugs. Nguyen tried to hide a tray of illicit substances and police found a sachet of amphetamine (0.28 grams), an inhaler, a sachet of ketamine (0.52g) and 27g of drug-laced coffee powder.

All seven men and two women were later identified as illegal migrant workers, while the remaining two were new migrant wives in Taiwan. The case was referred to the National Immigration Agency.