A large Saudi family lined up to bid farewell to their domestic worker, who had worked for them for 35 years. Photo: Twitter (@Yasir_Alnazih)

A large family in Saudi Arabia recently bid farewell to a domestic worker who had worked with them for over 35 years.

A video on Twitter showed generations of the Awaad Khudair Al Shemmari family lined up to greet domestic worker Meedo Babu, StepFeed reported.

The report did not mention the domestic worker’s nationality or his age.

Local writer and journalist Motab Al Awwd posted the video, which quickly went viral and captured the hearts of Internet social media users.

“This is a true representation of Islam,” Al Awwd said in his tweet.

Many on the Web hailed the family’s gesture and expressed the view that more people should follow their example by treating their domestic workers with respect.

This is not the first time a Saudi family has shown its gratitude to a domestic worker. Earlier this year, a Saudi man’s tweet went viral for expressing his gratitude and bidding farewell to a Filipino domestic worker who worked with his family for 29 years and helped raise him.

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