Models bearing body painting advertise real estate in Nanning. Photo: Weibo
Models bearing body painting advertise real estate in Nanning. Photo: Weibo

It is a case of grin and bare it for one real estate developer in China as it responds to government measures aimed at containing a housing bubble that have made loans scarce and dampened property sales.

Nanning Weirun Investment Company, a firm in Nanning, capital of the southwestern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, hired models wearing little more than a smile on their upper bodies to advertise its slow-selling condominiums by using their bare skin as a canvas.

Floor plans of homes offered by the company were painted on the back of each scantily-clad model, and their breasts were discreetly covered by gigantic logos and more advertising slogans.

It is unclear whether the models helped sell any more units, but the company’s sales center was soon chock-a-block with people.

Floor plans and other details displayed on the back of a young model. Photo: Weibo

The strategy is one of the more unconventional approaches being taken by developers to bring buyers back to empty sales centers, and it may not be repeated soon: the city planning authority reportedly has suspended the developer’s marketing permit.

Nanning’s market supervision bureau told the Beijing Youth Daily that its initial investigations had found the company was not engaging in false or deceptive advertising, though the bureau thought this was an inappropriate way in which to market housing.

The bureau said it would be the duty of the police to decide if the coquettish body painting gimmick constituted or promoted obscene or indecent behavior. A police department official promised to look into any complaints.