The homepage of Ctrip, one of China's major online travel service provider.

Ctrip, one of China’s major online travel service providers that lets users book transportation tickets and accommodation, is planning to explore the short video sector, The Paper reported.

Ctrip has set up a video channel on its app that encourages users to share photos and short videos about their trip adventures.

It is actually not the first time for the company to invest in the “User Generated Content” model. It launched a ratings website in 2011 for scenic spots where users could share their travel experiences.

However, after becoming the largest online travel agency in China, Ctrip has shown a renewed interest in the UGC sector.

Sun Bo, CMO of Ctrip, said the company will focus on tourism-related short videos, unlike other short video platforms such as Tik Tot, which also do make-up videos and amusing content.

Although Ctrip and its short video platform is not yet in a position to compete, cross-border development between different industries has become a general trend, the report said.