Photo: iStock.
Photo: iStock.

A Buddhist monk who was meditating in a forest in India was attacked and killed by a leopard on Tuesday.

Rahul Walke Bodhi, 35, was meditating under a tree in the Ramdegi forest in Chandrapur, Maharashtra at around 10am on December 11 when the leopard attacked him, India Today reported.

According to officials, the monk had been meditating at the same spot for the past month. Deputy director of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Gajendra Narwane said two other monks would visit Walke with food.

The spot is located at around 1-2 kilometers away from a temple in the forest.

Forest officers had already warned the monks about the wild animals near the spot where the monk’s body was found.

Later, the area where the attack happened has been sealed off. Visitors have also been limited to visiting the temple during specified hours.

Narwane said a solar fence had been installed around the temple in order to prevent any wild animals entering the temple premises.

A study conducted by the Wildlife Institute of India in 2016 recorded around 12,000 to 14,000 leopards living in various reserves and parks in India.