Jerusalem, capital of Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jerusalem, capital of Israel. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The government in Israel is looking to hire about 1,000 Filipino migrant workers for their hotel industry.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the Philippine and Israeli governments had signed an agreement to send Filipino migrant workers to Israel as there was big demand for workers in the country’s hotel industry, particularly cleaners, the Sun Star reported.

“Although there are other interested countries, who would like to send migrant workers, the Israelis prefer Filipinos due to their experience with our caregivers,” Bello said.

Bello said the demand for migrant workers had already been formalized via the countries’ government-to-government partnership. The bilateral agreement was still in a stage of experimental implementation, but Israel was looking to increase the number of jobs for Filipino workers in the future.

“They are very keen on signing this agreement because, even before, their demand for hotel workers was already very high,” he explained.

Bello said qualified applicants could expect a basic salary of around US$1,200.

He said he was confident that there would be no mistreatment of Filipino workers, as workers in Israel had given positive feedback about their employers.