Instagram has been filtering comments since 2016. Photo: iStock
Instagram has partnered with prominent music labels to provide a vast collection of songs for its Reels users. Photo: iStock

With the launch of a new feature, the popular social media application Instagram will now filter and censor comments in Bahasa Indonesia.

According to a report from, Instagram will be implementing the new feature that incorporates machine learning technology. The feature will filter comments on posts that include hate speech towards ethnic and religious groups. Sexually abusive and spam comments will also be censored.

In addition to comments, the new feature will also notify Instagram when accounts post offensive content frequently.

Comment filtering on Instagram was first introduced in October 2016, with English comments being the first to be filtered. The feature soon expanded to eight additional languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French in June 2017.

Instagram will continue to expand the comment filtering in other languages to combat cyber-bullying and harassment.

Apart from Instagram, Facebook is also doing its part in fighting cyber-bullying. According to Global News, Facebook is working on utilizing artificial intelligence to detect and filter out malicious content.