Karimabad in Kashmir, a hotspot between militants and authorities. Photo: iStock

An Indonesian woman whose husband, a Kashmiri man, was killed in a crossfire between authorities and militants in Kashmir, wants justice for her late husband.

On December 15 at about 8:30 am, Abid Nabi Lone left his house in Karimabad Pulwama to meet his cousin. To his wife and mother’s horror, he was killed during a firefight between militants and authorities in a neighboring village, the Kashmir Times reported.

His widow, Saima, said she could not describe the pain she endured when she saw her beloved husband’s lifeless body. Saima and Abid were married in Indonesia in 2016. They met when they were working for a private company in the country.

She went to Kashmir to live with her spouse in January 2017 and in September 2018 they welcomed their baby daughter, Adeefa.

The grieving woman said she does not want to stay in Kashmir, as there was no purpose in her being there. She said she will move back to Indonesia once her daughter’s passport is issued.

Saima added that she wants the people who killed her husband jailed, as well as an end to all the killings in Kashmir. She said she had seen Kashmiris being put down like animals since the day she arrived in the area. She specifically said she wants to tell Indians to stop killing Kashmiris.

Saima said her husband Abid was hit by two bullets, one near his mouth and one in the neck. Kashmir has been a conflicted area since October 1947, with India and Pakistan both making claims over the resource-rich land.