Indonesian maids rest in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. Photo: Asia Times

An Indonesian domestic worker was fined HK$400 (US$51) at the Eastern Magistrates Courts for illegally selling food and drinks at Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island.

The defendant Atul, who has worked in Hong Kong for four years, initially insisted that she was innocent and did not know it was illegal to sell food in the park. But she later pleaded guilty to the charge, reported.

Officers from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department caught the defendant red-handed when she was selling food and drinks in the park on April 18 this year.

They witnessed the defendant hand over a box of food to a woman and receive payment for it.

The officers immediately approached the worker, showed her their identity cards and asked if she was really selling food. The domestic worker “nodded and answered ‘Yes’,” one of the officers told the court.

They then confiscated three bottles of water, four bottles of green tea and several boxes of food from the domestic worker.

The defendant insisted that she was innocent and did not understand the officers because they were speaking Cantonese when they arrested her. But the magistrate told her there was evidence against her, including photos and witnesses.

The magistrate said if the trial went ahead and she was found guilty, she could be fined a maximum of HK$2,000 or have to serve 14 days in prison.

After discussing the matter with her employer, the domestic worker admitted her guilt and the judge decided to reduce her sentence to a fine of HK$400.

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