Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Police have said a Filipino man took his own life after being blackmailed by a Pakistani who threatened to release photos of him having sex with a gay lover. The blackmailer wanted an iPhone 5 in return for his silence.

According to Gulf News the Pakistani, one of his coworkers, was named in a suicide note left by the Filipino before he hanged himself in the bathroom of the trading company’s labor quarters at Al Muhaisnah in July 2017. The Pakistani, 23, was charged with blackmailing him.

“He had left a handwritten suicide note in which he asked for the arrest of the Pakistani suspect,” a police officer told prosecutors.

Prosecutors said the Pakistani had admitted that he found out the  Filipino was gay and had obtained photos of him having oral sex with  another man, also a coworker. He threatened to circulate the photos  through WhatsApp unless the Filipino agreed to give him an iPhone 5. Police said the threats had driven the Filipino man to take his own life.

The defendant did not appear at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Wednesday to enter his plea, but the presiding judge said he would be in court when it reconvenes on January 13.