"Yellow vest" demonstrators in Paris on Saturday. Photo: AFP
"Yellow vest" demonstrators in Paris on Saturday. Photo: AFP

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday surveyed the damage from a day of rioting across Paris and convened an emergency meeting that ended with a call for further negotiations with anti-government activists who have staged two weeks of protests.

Macron met with the prime minister, interior minister and top security service officials to formulate a response to the violence that caused hundreds of injuries nationwide.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has been asked to meet protest organizers and party leaders as part of a “constant wish for dialogue,” said the Elysee Palace.

Environment Minister Francois de Rugy met representatives of the so-called “yellow vest” protest movement last week but was unable to convince them to end the demonstrations.

The government has not ruled out imposing a state of emergency to quell the protests, which began over fuel taxes but have grown into a broader expression of anger over Macron’s agenda.

– With reporting from Agence France-Presse