The Court of First Instance in Macau. Photo: Macau Government
The Court of First Instance in Macau. Photo: Macau Government

A Filipino domestic worker was arrested for allegedly stealing valuables worth around 30,000 patacas (US$3,720) at her employer’s home in Macau.

The woman was charged with one count of aggravated theft, but she did not show up for the trial at the Court of First Instance, Macau Daily News reported.

The court heard that on April 3, 2017, when the employer was tidying up the apartment, he discovered that valuables in his bedroom, including cash in local and foreign currencies worth around 30,000 patacas in total, were missing.

When he checked surveillance video, he found that the camera had been blocked by furniture.

The employer also pointed out that the defendant was not required to clean his bedroom.

He alleged that the domestic worker had entered his apartment when no one was around and stolen the valuables from the bedroom.

The prosecutor said that if the defendant had gone to the apartment to clean it, she should have brought along some cleaning tools, but she didn’t.

The defense lawyer told the court that according to the employer’s statement, rats had appeared in the apartment before. He suggested that the alleged theft might have had something to do with the rats.

The case was adjourned pending a verdict.

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