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Photo: iStock

A Hong Kong woman came under strong criticism from Facebook commentators for the manner in which she treated a domestic worker on her last day at work.

The employer posted on a Facebook group named “Hong Kong employer-domestic worker complaints group” claiming her domestic worker had resigned, Oriental Daily reported.

As the domestic worker wanted to leave in the afternoon, the employer, who wanted the worker to stay for the whole day, asked for advice on Facebook to see whether she could make the worker stay until 7pm.

Meanwhile, the employer claimed that previously she had given the worker a lot of children’s clothes, and now she wanted to get them back.

The employer’s post drew heavy criticism. Many commentators declared her a mean penny-pincher and said she should do all her housework by herself instead of hiring a domestic worker to help.

Many comments supported the resignation of the domestic worker, and expressed hope that she could meet another, nicer employer in the future.

The nationality of the domestic worker was not disclosed in the online discussion.