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Photo: iStock

A spinal muscular atrophy patient has been selected as one of Hong Kong’s “regeneration warriors” at an award ceremony to honor people who live inspiring lives despite having a disability or suffering an illness.

Mohammad Moavia, a 20-year-old children’s book illustrator, emigrated to Hong Kong from Pakistan when he was six months old, Sing Tao Daily reported.

When he was in primary school Moavia found that he had spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a disease that affected his spinal cord and took away his ability to walk, as well as his dream to become a pilot. It meant he needed a wheelchair to get about for his daily life.

As Moavia’s physical strength deteriorated, the only part of his body that he could move were his fingers.

Around the same time he got this tragic disease, Moavia won a drawing competition. Over time he found great interest in drawing and winning these awards helped him gain confidence and satisfaction.

“I used to use paper and pen to draw, which takes me a whole day to finish, but I never feel tired because I love drawing,” Moavia said.

His dream is to create more children’s books. He has changed to using a computer to continue his creative passion.

Moavia started work on his children’s book in 2016. He drew his views on life and people. He used paper and pen to draw and his sister helped him to change colors and to move the drawing paper.

It took him three months to finish his first children’s book, which received a very good response, then launched a second book last year, news website reported.

Moavia uses his talent to convey a positive message in his books, to encourage people to face their own difficulties without fear.

He was one of 10 citizens in Hong Kong named as the Top Ten Warriors of Regeneration, an annual awards event organized by the Regeneration Society.