Xi Jinping. Photo: Flickr Commons
Xi Jinping. Photo: Flickr Commons

On the eve of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Chinese President Xi Jinping has published an article in the Argentinian press entitled “Creating A New Era of China-Argentina Relations,” expressing his three main hopes for the 13th meeting of the Group of Twenty, China News Service reported.

First, Xi hopes that the G20 will continue to uphold the spirit of partnership and work together to lead the world economy on the right track, which is what the G20 aimed to do in the beginning.

Xi also urges the G20 to strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and cooperation, maintain the multilateral trading system and establish an open world economy.

Second, Xi expects that the G20 will continue to promote the development of economic globalization.

Third, Xi expressed hope that the G20 will continue to lead the development path of innovative growth and long-term governance.

Xi said countries need to keep exploring new dynamics of world economic growth through innovation and promoting the in-depth development of the digital economy and the new industrial revolution.

Countries should also pay attention to the challenges brought by innovation to social employment and enhance the ability of workers to adapt to technological changes.

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