Taichung City Police Bureau in West District. Photo: Google Maps

A Vietnamese woman whose Taiwanese husband recently died has been helped by a policeman who found her crying outside a police station in West District of Taichung City, Taiwan.

The officer learned that the Vietnamese woman had been married to the Taiwanese man for 19 years and they had a son and a daughter, The Commons Daily reported.

In September the man, who was the breadwinner of the family, caught a cold and went to see a doctor, who diagnosed him with liver cancer.

He passed away less than one month later, leaving his Vietnamese wife grief-stricken and overwhelmed as the family did not have much savings and they had no relatives to turn to.

The policeman immediately referred the widow to the Fengyuan District Office, where she could apply for special financial assistance from the government. At the same time, the officer also reached out to several charities which offered one-off assistance to help the widow to settle the funeral fee and ceremony for her husband.