The Supreme Court, Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps
The Supreme Court, Taipei City, Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

A 21-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker who appealed his 15-year prison sentence for killing a compatriot worker and injuring two others has seen his appeal rejected by the Taiwanese Supreme Court, and will be repatriated upon completion of his prison term.

The court had heard that the convicted man, an older cousin and a friend, all three of whom were working illegally in Taiwan, visited a Vietnamese restaurant in Xinzhuang district of New Taipei on June 18, 2017, United Daily News reported.

The two cousins got into a dispute with another Vietnamese man in the restroom, and it was temporarily resolved. However, the older cousin was worried that their adversary might try to take revenge, so he went out and fetched five fruit knives.

The knives were quickly confiscated by his girlfriend. However, the younger cousin got hold of one and concealed it on his person. While his cousin was paying the bill for the meal, he again confronted his opponent. In the ensuing chaos, a friend of the targeted man was fatally stabbed in the heart, while the targeted man and another friend were severely injured.

The Supreme Court agreed with the lower court that the appellant’s crimes had been intentional, and upheld the 15-year sentence, to be followed by repatriation.