Not a great way to start the day. The boar knocked the man to the ground then turned to bite and gore him before running off. Screen shot from Youtube.

A 48-year-old salaryman was attacked by a wild boar and suffered injuries to both legs while commuting to work in Fukuoka, Japan.

At around 7am on October 26, the man was making his way to Imajuku Station when the boar came at him from an alley, IOL reported.

Local media reported that the boar emerged from the mountains near the town. After wandering into a dead-end in the alley, the boar dashed back out apparently scared by an oncoming train.

The boar rammed the unsuspecting victim, before biting and goring him and then running off as passing drivers began to honk their horns.

The Mainichi Shimbun said the victim — who was not named — was taken to a nearby hospital where he received eight stitches on his left thigh and five stitches on his right knee.

Later that day, local hunters saw the same boar near the coast and put it down.

Officials in Fukuoka have their plates full with boar problems. It was reported that they have been coordinating with local hunters to eliminate about 1,500 boars a year. However, the lack of hunters in the region allegedly makes that target a little far-fetched.

Fukuoka is on the northern end of Kyushu in the south of Japan.