Director of the White House National Trade Council Peter Navarro. Photo: AFP

Top Trump administration economic adviser Larry Kudlow tried to shed some light Tuesday on the murky area of trade negotiations with China, an issue on which the White House has given consistently contradictory messages in recent weeks.

Kudlow lambasted fellow Trump adviser Peter Navarro for comments he made last week, which included a warning that Wall Street executives should not advise the president on China trade issues, lest they want to leave a “stench” on a possible deal.

Navarro “was not speaking for the president nor was he speaking for the administration. His remarks were way off base they were not authorized by anybody,” Kudlow said during an interview on CNBC.

“I actually think he did the president a great disservice,” he added. “Look, the president can talk to whomever he can talk to.”

Kudlow insisted that it was up to President Donald Trump to weigh advice regarding what is in the best interest of the US.

“And the president has said … that if there is a deal to be had with China, it’s a deal that has to be in American interests,” Kudlow continued.

“I think Peter very badly misspoke. He was freelancing and he’s not representing the president or the administration,” he said, suggesting that he has confidence the president does not agree with Navarro’s characterization.

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