The three transgender women after being 'cleansed.' Photo: Twitter/@andreasharsono

Video footage showing three transgender women being humiliated by Indonesian police has infuriated the LGBT community in the country.

On November 2, local police launched a raid targeting LGBT people on a beach located in Labuhan Jukung, Lampung, Humans Rights Watch reported. Three transgender women – Robiansyah, Julius and Yogi Pranata – were arrested.

Sources said police took the three to a government building where they were given “Islamic guidance.” They were then brought out to a street and were hosed down by a fire truck.

According to the officials – who reported on a WhatsApp text – the hosing was a form of mandi wajib, which is a post-intercourse cleansing ritual in Islam.

This was not the first case of LGBT people being harassed in Indonesia in the past few weeks. On October 31, 10 women were arrested for being lesbians after police found photos of then hugging and kissing.