The headquarters of the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A total of 12 illegal immigrants – including a four-year-old Thai girl – were arrested in Malaysia on Sunday and Monday.

Zuhair Jamaludin, the director of Kedah Immigration Department, said 13 immigration officers were dispatched in the 10-hour operation ‘Ops Mega 3.0’, which saw 23 residential areas and restaurants raided on November 4 and 5, Bernama reported.

A total of 12 foreigners – 10 males and two females, including the four-year-old girl from Thailand — were detained. They came from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand and India, Jamaludin said.

It was not known if the Thai girl’s mother or father was also detained.

Jamaludin said the detained were aged from four to 38 years of age and had no valid documents on them. They had also overstayed their visas.

The 12 are currently being held at the state immigration lockup in Anak Bukit.

The Malaysian government is keen to sweep illegal immigrants out of the country. Just months ago the new government led by Dr Mahathir Mohamad introduced a scheme that to encourage illegals to surrender and return to their homeland with assistance.

But with that amnesty having ended, illegal immigrants are being dealt with more strictly – and being arrested.