The women were arrested for their alleged sexual orientation. Photo: Courtesy Padang Police@Facebook

Ten women were arrested on suspicion of LGBT activity in Indonesia in Padang, Indonesia, on Sunday, as the country’ authorities crack down on homosexuality.

Pol Yadrison, the head of local police, released a statement saying that intelligence personnel had been looking at the women’s social media activities. He added that one of the woman’s Facebook pages had images of her getting “kissing and cuddling” with another woman, Pink News reported.

He added that police had used this information and managed to locate the person who uploaded the photo. According to Yadrison, authorities have been getting calls about suspected LGBT activities almost every day.

In the past few months, authorities in Indonesia have been cracking down on LGBT activities. At present, homosexual activity is only illegal in the state of Aceh, which is governed under Sharia law.

However, the country’s criminal code is set to be updated, with the inclusion of a ban on homosexuality.