Macau, where the accident happened. Photo: Google Maps
Macau, where the accident happened. Photo: Google Maps

Six migrant workers from the Philippines were injured in a car wash accident in Macau on Wednesday after one allegedly stepped on the accelerator of a vehicle which rammed into the car wash, injuring workers there.

The accident happened in a car wash in Rua da Serenidade near the Barrier Gate border checkpoint 11 am1am, Jornal Do Cidadao reported. The victims, all Filipino migrant workers, were aged between 33 and 50.

It was alleged that one of the workers accidentally stepped on the accelerator of a seven-seater car and rammed the two cars in front of him, injuring himself and five other workers who were washing two other cars in the shop.

Two of the workers were dragged under the car and suffered serious injuries with a fractured leg and head wounds. The driver was also seriously injured, while three workers suffered minor injuries.

Firemen arrived at the scene and sent them to the Conde de Sao Januario Hospital Centre for treatment. After an initial investigation, police confirmed that the driver did not have a license and the investigation was ongoing.

Officers from the Philippine Consulate General in Macau went to visit the victims in hospital and spoke to their relatives, who are living in Macau, to provide them with support or any assistance they may need, The Macau Post Daily reported.

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