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A pair of sisters were arrested on Sunday for trafficking a woman to China 10 years ago.

Lo Thi Thuong, 43, and her elder sister Lo Thi Van, 48, were asked by the alleged victim to help her find work in China in May 2008, VN Express reported. Two months later, the sisters took the woman to Hubei, China and sold her to a Chinese man named Chang Wei for 25,000 Yuan (US$3,611). The money was reportedly split between the sisters and a broker named Su Vang Vang.

The victim’s father then went to the sisters’ house in Vietnam and was given US$215 as hush money, according to reports.

In 2009, the victim gave birth to Chang Wei’s daughter, and two years after that she escaped to Vietnam. It was not reported whether the child accompanied her back to her homeland.

Initially, the unnamed victim was persuaded by her father not to alert the authorities due to the hush money. However recently, the woman made a report to the police in Tuong Duong District, and the two sisters were arrested on November 4.

Last year, Vietnam recorded 670 victims being trafficked, which is almost half of 2016’s record of 1,128. Many victims are poor women and children being sold under the false pretense of employment opportunities in countries such as China, Malaysia and South Korea. Victims are often subject to enforced labor or expected to bear children.

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