Stourhead House in Wiltshere, which wild boars like to visit. Photo: iStock

England’s National Trust, a conservation group responsible for maintaining historical sites, has publicly proposed a plan to shoot wild boars, a move that has enraged local environmentalists.

According to Somerset Live, the National Trust stressed that the increasing numbers of wild boars showing up at Stourhead House in Wiltshire have put visitors at risk of injury. The group proposed culling the boars after several local people reported confrontations with the animals.

The plans, however, have divide citizens in Bruton, Somerset, which is only minutes away from Stourhead House.

Matt Mellen, a 38-year-old environmentalist, said the UK has low wildlife numbers compared to Germany and France. He also said while it was fair for hunters to kill boars for consumption, he thought the National Trust hiring shooters to kill wild boars was inappropriate.

The environmental campaigner said a better, more humane alternative would be to install electric fences to keep the pigs off the lawns of Stourhead.

There were, however, some who supported the cull. One said boars were a danger to the public and caused too much damage to public property.

The National Trust said the decision was “difficult” and was only made after thorough consultation with Natural England, an English non-government environment organisation.