The employers paid for the casket. Photo: iStock
The employers paid for the casket. Photo: iStock

The remains of a 55-year-old Filipina domestic worker who was killed in a road accident in Tai Po in the New Territories in late October was repatriated on Monday.

Her daughter came to Hong Kong to accompany her mother’s remains on the trip back to the Philippines.

Teresita Agina Hernandez, who had worked in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, was set to be buried on November 24, reported.

Teresita’s three sons and estranged husband waited at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila and accompanied her remains back to Mindoro, her hometown.

Hong Kong police told her daughter, Marites Laurel, that they were still investigating the case. There were reportedly told that Teresita, who was hit at a pedestrian crossing, might have crossed while the traffic light was still red, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Teresita’s family was told they could still apply for compensation under the Traffic Accident Victims Assistance (TAVA) scheme, run by the Social Welfare Department.

They have also been advised by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office to apply for legal aid so they could pursue a separate claim against the insurers of the car that hit Teresita.

However, they could not apply for employee compensation, as this can be collected only from an employer if the worker had died due to an accident at work or due to a work-related illness.

As Teresita was killed on a Sunday, and on the street near her boarding house, and not at her workplace, her death could not be deemed as work-related.

Also, since Teresita only worked for her Korean employer for three years, her family could not claim long service pay.

But the employer had reportedly been very generous and helped Teresita’s family, including accommodated Marites while she was in Hong Kong to prepare the repatriation and gave her an allowance plus financial help.

The couple also reportedly bought a white casket for Teresita at the daughter’s request, and after the wake at Universal Funeral Parlor in Hunghom on November 18, treated the 100 mourners to lunch.

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