Screen grab: BBC via YouTube
Screen grab: BBC via YouTube

UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday night that she has successfully secured support from her cabinet for a deal she described as “the result of thousands of hours of hard negotiation with EU officials.”

“I firmly believe with my head and heart that this decisive choice is in the best interests of the entire UK,” she added.

In a sign that not everyone in the five-hour meeting at 10 Downing Street was on board, she said it was a “collective” decision, not a unanimous one.

May’s next fight will be with members of parliament, many of whom expressed indignation at the agreement before it was even published. In her brief statement on Wednesday night, May said she will be addressing parliament on Thursday.

Judging from Twitter, no one except for the EU’s Brexit coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, is happy with the deal.

Reactions from British lawmakers and the general public ranged from Brexiteer demands that the deal be scrapped to calls for a new referendum to reverse the Brexit vote, with very little in between.