Taichung City Police Bureau, Longjing District of western Taichung. Photo: Google Maps

A 24-year-old Vietnamese migrant worker was charged with murder on Friday at Taichung District Prosecutors Office. The charge was over the death of his colleague, also Vietnamese, from injuries inflicted in a knife fight at their workplace in July this year.

During the evening of June 30, the perpetrator surnamed Mai and the victim surnamed Tran, both Vietnamese migrant workers at Technical Synergy Corp, were engaged in a heated dispute at the worker’s hostel in Longjing District of western Taichung, the China Daily News reported.

After colleagues separated them, the pair later bumped into each other outside the factory and began fighting again, this time armed with knives.

Mai reportedly stabbed Tran in the lower back, leaving him severely wounded and bleeding heavily. Tran went back inside the building and managed to seek help from colleagues before passing out.

He was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead on July 2 due to traumatic injuries.

The perpetrator was arrested by police after being confronted by the factory owner and his employment agent.