Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Dubai, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Iranian man was sentenced to six months in jail for allegedly raping a Filipino woman in his car in a desert in Dubai.

The 29-year-old Iranian man met the Filipina through a common friend and invited her to a barbecue and shisha night in the desert with his friends, Gulf News reported.

The Filipina rejected the invite, but the man was able to convince her to go out for coffee. The man picked the woman up from a Dubai Metro station and drove to a desert area, despite the Filipina saying she did not want to go there.

They arrived at the desert where the man’s friends were smoking shisha, barbecuing and drinking alcohol. The man and the Filipina stayed until 3am and the Filipina asked to be taken home.

However, instead of driving her home, the man reportedly fought with the Filipina and forced her to have sex in his car.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the Filipina testified that the Iranian man raped her. Meanwhile, the man told prosecutors he had consensual sex with the woman and did not rape her.

The court ruled against the man, sentencing him to six months in prison and ordering that he be deported after finishing his jail term.

The Iranian has appealed against the judgment, so the case will go to the Appeal Court later this month.