Vernon, Canada, where the man lived. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Canadian man was sentenced to six years in prison on Monday for internet-related sex offenses against five Filipino minors. Wayne Douglas Brown from Vernon, Canada, was convicted on one count of child pornography and for engaging in sexually explicit conversations with five Filipino girls.

Brown also convinced the girls to send him naked pictures of themselves and sent them pictures of his private parts, the Vancouver Sun reported.

In one case, Brown used Facebook Messenger to contact a 16-year-old girl in the Philippines in July 2016. He managed to convince the girl to send him naked pictures of herself and told her he wanted to have sex with her when he traveled to the Philippines.

Brown traveled to the Philippines regularly and had a house and a wife there. Authorities found images of teenaged Filipina girls showing their private parts on a flash drive in Brown’s house. A Canadian court heard that Brown dealt with the child victims themselves and sometimes communicated with their parents.