Dubai in the UAE where the alleged incidents took place. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Australian man was charged with the attempted rape of two Filipino cleaners in two separate incidents in his apartment in Dubai earlier this year.

On January 25, the man hired a 34-year-old Filipina to clean his apartment. He asked her to go into his bedroom and give him a massage. However, the man then took off the Filipina’s clothes and kissed her and molested her before letting her go, the Khaleej Times reported.

On March 17, another Filipina was asked to go to the man’s apartment to clean it. The first Filipina had warned her colleague about what happened to her as she was worried the man would do the same thing again. The second Filipina said the man told her to go to his room and give him a massage.

She took a video of the incident on her phone. She claimed the man hugged and molested her after removing her clothes. After leaving the apartment, the Filipina filed a complaint with police.

The two Filipinas gave similar accounts of both incidents and the second Filipina showed the video clip to police, who then arrested the man and charged him with attempted rape.

At the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man denied the charges. The court will issue a ruling on November 29.

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