Baihe Precinct of Tainan City Police Department. Photo: Google Maps

A 58-year-old Taiwanese man from Tainan City, Taiwan, was caught red-handed on Saturday after allegedly stealing cash and jewelry from an Indonesian caregiver.

The suspect surnamed Chen, who is a repeat offender with a long record of house-breaking, was under police watch after an increase in the number of burglary cases was noted in Baihe District of Tainan City, the China Daily News reported.

Early on Saturday morning, Chen reportedly drove a white minivan from Xuejia District to the remote rural area of Beimen District, where he broke into a residential unit where an Indonesian caregiver was asleep.

There he allegedly stole the worker’s gold necklace and black purse, which he emptied and threw away.

Police officers picked up the evidence, made chase and apprehended Chen, who was found in possession of the stolen cash and the victim’s gold necklace.

Chen, who was detained for alleged house-breaking, is believed to be responsible for two other recent burglaries in the area.