Baiq Nuril Maknun faces jail after recording was shared on social media. Photo: Screen grab from YouTube.

A school teacher has been jailed and fined by the Supreme Court in Indonesia after she reported a case of sexual harassment.

On November 15, Baiq Nuril Maknun, 37, was sentenced to jail for six months after the Supreme Court found her guilty of distributing “indecent” material under the electronic information and transactions law, Reuters reported.

Maknun reportedly recorded a conversation with the principal of the school where she worked on Lombok. In the conversation, the man allegedly talked in detail about his affairs with another woman. He also asked Maknun to meet in a hotel room.

The recording later spread and caught the attention of the local education bureau, which removed the principal from his post.

The principal sued Maknun for defamation and reported to the police that Maknun had distributed “indecent material”.

A district court initially acquitted her of the charges. However, the top court ultimately convicted her and sentenced her to six months in jail and fined her 500 million rupiah (US$34,000).

But the ruling created a huge storm, with activist groups calling for her release. Amnesty International’s Indonesia head Usman Hamid described the sentence as “absurd” and added that the woman simply documented the abuse she was going through from her employer.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo advised the woman to seek judicial review. He said if that also failed, then Maknun could submit a request clemency from him.