The New Taipei District Prosecutors Office in Taiwan. Photo: Google Maps

An illegal Indonesian migrant has been charged with raping an Indonesian woman in New Taipei City, Taiwan, after luring the woman to his room with a fake social media post.

The man was an Indonesian migrant worker who did not have a valid work permit but had managed to secure a factory job and lived in the worker’s hostel in the Sanchong district of New Taipei City, The Real Daily reported on Monday.

The Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office found that the man had lied on social media about being seriously ill, weak and starving in bed during an official rest day. He asked for assistance from any compatriots in the area.

The woman, in her twenties, read the social media post and believed the man needed help, so she took him a lunchbox. The man then sexually assaulted her against her will in his room as there was no one around.

The woman sought help from friends who took her to the police to file a complaint. Police arrested the man who initially denied the rape charge. However, the woman underwent a medical examination which confirmed she had been raped.