Wild boars in India can be pests in some populated areas. Photo: iStock

A man was shot while relieving himself in India when a passer-by mistook him for a wild boar. Shanmugam, a 35-year-old tailor from Ramapuram, went behind some bushes in the city of Vellore to urinate when Venkatesan, 24, shot him, The Hindu reported.

According to police, Venkatesan thought there was a boar in the bushes when he saw the shrubbery move. He fired a shot and was surprised when Shanmugam screamed in pain from his injuries.

Venkatesan fled the scene faster than a Bangkok motorcycle taxi driver leaving an accident.

A police officer said Shanmugam’s cries alerted nearby residents, who rushed him to hospital. Pellets from what was believed to be a shotgun left Shanmugam with injuries to his head, but other parts of his body that were exposed escaped harm.

A formal complaint against Venkatesan has been filed. Local police have since arrested him.