Filipino flight attendant Patrisha Organo helped a passenger's hungry baby by offering to breast feed her. Photo: Facebook/ Patrisha Organo

A Filipino flight attendant helped a mother in need by offering to breastfeed the passenger’s baby girl inflight after the mother ran out of formula.

On Tuesday morning on a Philippine Airlines domestic flight, 24-year-old Patrisha Organo heard an infant’s cry just after the plane took off, GMA News reported.

When Organo approached the mother of the baby she learned that the mother had ran out of formula milk and was unable to calm her child. The flight attendant, who had herself given birth nine months earlier and knew that there was no formula milk on board, had an idea.

“I thought to myself there’s only one thing I could offer and that’s my own milk. So I offered,” Organo said.

Organo and another flight attendant assisted the mother and child and led them to the plane’s gallery, where Organo breastfed the baby until she fell asleep. Organo posted her story on Facebook on Wednesday, which now has generated more than 25,000 shares and 5,400 comments.

According to Organo, the mother arrived at the airport at 9pm on Monday night for a flight scheduled to depart at 5am on Tuesday morning, which probably explained why the mother ran out of formula milk.

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