The lawn near Kallang MRT station, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
The lawn near Kallang MRT station, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

A total of 14 teams of domestic workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka joined hands at the weekend to raise funds for three Filipinas in financial difficulties. They did this by participating in a charity volleyball competition on Kallang lawn, Singapore, on Sunday.

Nemia, 43, a domestic worker in Singapore and the organizer of the Sunday event, told the Shin Min Daily News that she and her friends ran volleyball competitions, usually monthly. When there are fellow domestic workers in need of financial aid, tournaments are run on a charity basis.

Last year, for instance, the women, regardless of their nationalities, came together to raise funds for an Indonesian domestic worker suffering from breast cancer.

Despite the fact that every participating team has to pay a S$60 (US$43.76) registration fee, Sunday’s event attracted 14 volleyball teams, all made up of domestic workers.

Kathleen, 35, a keen volleyball lover, told the reporter that she arrived in Singapore in 2010, but she did not have a chance to play until she met Nemia and others. Right now, Kathleen plays regularly with 10 other domestic workers in her team.

When fundraising is not required, the teams participate in a regular competition where they compete for trophies and the winners are awarded cash prizes.

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